Hi, I'm from Barcelona, born in 1998, and my name’s Marc because my parents like short names.

My design is based on three pillars: typeface, grid and concept. I'm interested in analog photography, brutalist architecture, suspense films, metaphysical pop and surrealist poetry.
Salva López
Luís Barragán
Denis Villenueve
Kanye West
Joan Brossa
are artists who inspire my work. In general I like art in all its forms, from
Yves Klein
Mark Rothko
, from
Damien Hirst
Ai Wei Wei

I like adding other artists’ works to my own in order to nourish my professional projects, doing research, exploring, contrasting concepts, elaborating subtle and contingent graphics. I'm interested in advertising because it is challenging, being on the lookout, surrounding oneself with complicity and concentrating a lot of information in small gestures.